The NCGT Newsletter, the predecessor of the NCGT Journal, was initiated on the basis of discussion at the symposium “Alternative Theories to Plate Tectonics” held at the 30th International Geological Congress in Beijing in August 1996. The name is taken from an earlier symposium held in association with 28th International Geological Congress in Washington, D. C. in 1989. The NCGT Newsletter changed its name in 2013 to the NCGT Journal.


Aims include:

1. Forming an organizational focus for creative ideas not fitting readily within the scope of Plate Tectonics.

2. Forming the basis for the reproduction and publication of such work, especially where there has been censorship or discrimination.

3. Forum for discussion of such ideas and work which has been inhibited in existing channels. This should cover a very wide scope from such aspects as the effect of the rotation of the Earth and planetary and galactic effects, major theories of development of the Earth, lineaments, interpretation and prediction of earthquakes, major times of tectonic and biological change, and so on.

4. Organization of symposia, meetings and conferences.

5. Tabulation and support in case of censorship, discrimination or victimization. 



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Last updated 23 March 2017